Boat Storage

About Our Facility

Algarve Boat operates a boat storage facility in Lagos. It is located away from the sea and the harsh salt air that goes with it in the winter time, and is protected by fire and burgular alarms, and CCTV.

Storage Packages

We offer a total winter storage package that includes everything you need to put your boat away safely for the winter. Prices include:
  • Recovering the boat to the trailer
  • Towing to storage Jet-Washing the hull
  • Cleaning and drying to prepare for storage
  • Engines prepared for storage by a type certified engineer
  • Storage in our indoor storage facility
  • Engines prepared for service by the engineer
  • Anode replacement (exc. parts)
  • Deep pre-season clean, polishing, and wax
  • Cleaning materials and consumables
  • Transport and launch for service

Why store your boat?

It's simple - the best way to protect your investment and to keep your boat looking good for years to come is to take it away from the harshness of the marine invironment when it's not in use. In the winter time in the Algarve, humidity is at close to 100% for the colder times on the coast and in the marinas the water that's suspended in the air contains the same corrosive salts as the sea. At night the droplets will condense inside your boat and cause considerable damage.

Care and Maintenance

While your boat is at the facility you can have a whole range of maintenance work done by our skilled technicians. You are not, however, allowed to work on the boat yourself for insurance reasons.
2022/23 Winter Storage Packages
  Storage Time Period
4 Months 5 Months 6 Months
Small (L.O.A < 20'): 1420€ 1500€ 1785€
Medium (20' < L.O.A < 23.9'): 1590€ 1775€ 1980€
Large (L.O.A >= 24'): 1650€ 1850€ 2050€
Large (L.O.A >= 24') - 2 Engines: 1820€ 2050€ 2230€
The folowing items are not included in the storage package :
  • IVA
  • Fluids (Oil, hydraulic fluids etc.)
  • Additional mechanical or cleaning work outside of that detailed to the left Parts, anodes
General Storage Prices
Boat Length per Month Annual
Small 150€ 1500€
Medium (20'< LOA <23.9’) 185€ 1850€
Large (LOA>24’) 220€ 2200€
Other Services
Trailer Storage (Month) : 50€
Recovery/Launch + Transport (Lagos) : 110€